[clug] The biggest mass surveillance scheme in Australian history

jhock at iinet.net.au jhock at iinet.net.au
Fri Feb 27 17:33:45 MST 2015

---- Scott Ferguson wrote ----

> 1. make 5Eyes work easier - metadata is the key to the existing bulkdata
> collection. The metadata enables you to locate a needle in a haystack,
> the point is in the needle (not it's location). (i.e. you connected to a
> forbidden site - which your ISP already knows for billing purposes
> unless you use a VPN or Tor, but 5Eyes (and some peering providers) do
> stateful packet inspection... (BGPs compromised, likewise submarine
> cables*2).

So does Tor affect what metadata is stored? 

I set Orbot and Orweb up on my smart phone but how does one force all connections to use the Tor component? 

Frankly I find Orweb a pain to use so I most often use CM browser with incognito browsing. Does that do the same as Tor?

I also use duck duck go for searching but how does one know that this is actually encrypted searching other than seeing https in the URL? 

Many thanks in advance for information. 



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