[clug] OT: Interesting Register Article

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Feb 27 03:40:57 MST 2015

Dear Scott:

> You can't fix a problem ignored, and you won't fix a problem accepted as having no alternatives (I think).

It is possible to give a problem life, when it otherwise might wither!

> E.g. if you accept the ugly reality that leaving the stove on does heat up the rest of the house, and the surrounds of the house - it's hard to deny human impact on global climate.

I have read that the ACT aims at worthy goals.

> If you see a problem with fossil fuels consumption simply being one of finding an alternative fuel - you overlook the possibility that actual solution may be - to reduce the need to consume power (e.g. grow your own food).

We had an insulation scheme.

> You not only reduce the amount of fossil fuels you use to obtain food - but greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to produce food you'd buy in the shops (pesticide, herbicide, transport, refrigeration etc).

Home-grown produce is tastier. Supermarket tomatoes are made tough, to 
survive thousands of kilometres by truck!

> Do you have a paper mobile phone?

I meet people face-to-face.

> I note you use the internet, and you've previously mentioned owning a computer.

One can reduce connection. So I play games locally. This evening I 
played chess with a neighbour, face-to-face, using real board and pieces!

> There are two points many miss about the Snowden revelations:-
> 1. it's a panopticon (note the latest news about IBM and others developing "predictive" modelling)

I read that China is backing out of buying US technology. So sales of 
the latter have dropped a third!

> 2. the information (it's just meta-data is a sophism) is being processed by private companies.

The Laborals are right-authoritarian!

> Do you believe those companies won't use that information to their advantage?

Not so much, given the amount of blocking that I have installed!

> Note that I mean to the disadvantage of Australian business - and whether you are retired or not, you will be impacted.

We are nothing but a lap-dog.

> OpSec *and* "change control" (if you don't have a compelling reason - don't do it)

Wired networking?

> We do know that those who profit from power seek always to increase their power base.

Recognise the psychological messages, and don't fall for the paranoia!

> There's gold in that thar data has long been the sales pitch of "big data".

Go small data instead.

> What doesn't bring censure now may well bring censure at a later point - even if the current "meta-data" (key to the data held by other parties) proposals are watered-down - there are no guarantees that a later point the archival periods won't be extended.

I understood that archiving had the opposite problem--of media obsolescence!

> Darwin has already quietly become a military camp - I suspect that will become a continuing trend.

Please advise what you think is the relevance of this.

>> I drive a full-hybrid Prius.
> I'm not start a discussion as to why that is not the panacea you believe it is.

I need to cycle and walk more.

> But... the 2nd law of thermodynamics is inescapable, electric/hybrid cars simply swap one form of non-renewable mining for another, likewise type of pollution (e.g. nickel).

The car's fuel consumption is half that of a typical sedan, and a third 
that of a 4WD!


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