[clug] DIY cloud services?

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun Feb 15 16:19:27 MST 2015

    I would phrase it like this;

If the company is a multinational company there is a fair chance that
they mirror your data in other geographic locations.

If you do not own the Cloud storage yourself, then those who do can do
with your data as you like. 

Data encryption is a deterrent to accessing your data, it does not
mean that the data cannot be accessed. 

It was once pointed out to me there has never been a lock that has not
been broken, and never to consider a physical fortress impregnable,
history shows us there is no such thing. I believe the same is true
for digital fortresses, just ask NASA.

Security is an illusion, a warm and fuzzy feeling for those that
believe in it, and at best security is a deterrent.  Illusions are
often effective at deceiving people, but there are always some smart
ones who can see through the illusion.

People tell me that BitCoin is an exception. I personally doubt that,
and even if I am not smart enough to break it or any other form of
encryption this does not mean that others cannot, or that someone
hasn't written a back door feature into the encryption algorithm (my
[HeartBleed]'s for those who think SSH is totally secure).


At Monday, 16-02-2015 on 10:00 jhock at iinet.net.au wrote:

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---- Michael Still wrote ----

> If you encrypt the data before you upload it, then I don't think it
> really matters where you store it -- be that a friends house or some
> hosting company's cloud storage thing. Or am I missing something?
> Michael
> -- 
> Rackspace Australia

If the cloud is not in Australia, eg. USA, the company owns the data
and hence can provide it to whomever they like. Encryption may be
eventually broken by super fast computers and so one's information can
be delivered to anyone. 

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