[clug] The end of the personal computer age is nigh !

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Feb 13 21:19:40 MST 2015


I do not share all your pessimism.

> I sympathise with your concerns, but in the end the convenience offered by these cloud services may be overwhelming.

Only if you ignore the plight say of the Lebanese people whose bank 
accounts are disrupted by the Yank military! Sometimes it is the case 
that deploying a technology on a project causes more harm than it is 
worth. So the Somalis were able to defeat the Yanks, by relying on old 
tech--that their adversaries could not penetrate.

> Back in the old days, it was pretty common for a person to have at most one computing device -- their desktop PC.

When I bought a Mac in 1984--my boss refused to pay for paper for its 

> Nowadays, folks tend to have a phone plus some combination of  tablet, desktop, laptop.

We also use corporate terminals, at say a bank or a library.

> In such an environment, having your stuff located on this or that particular device really isn't much fun.

People keep wallets stuffed with access cards. Whereas a Vietnamese 
student told me that back home his communist party card opened all doors!

> Now that the horse has bolted, is there any point fiddling with the barn
> door?  Unlikely.

I disagree entirely, for we can learn from our mistakes. Purge your 
systems of vulnerabilities!


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