[clug] Comments requested: "Why Windows Users Can't Switch To Linux"

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Fri Feb 6 15:03:47 MST 2015

    Today's conspiracy theory;

"Microsoft has paid technical staff who have infiltrated Linux
development teams to change Linux UI's to be as dumbed down and as
unusable as Windows 8 so that users will not leave Windows for Linux".

I realised that this was true when I installed CentOS 7 Server and the
login screen had a Tablet lock screen just as Windows 8.x does that
you had to "swipe" or press crtl key to get rid of before you could
access the logon screen.  

My server does not have a touch screen, but I guess if we believe
Microsoft or CentOS then it should. 

Even my recently purchased laptop does not have a touch screen.


At Saturday, 31-01-2015 on 10:49 steve jenkin wrote:

Noticed this 08:30min youtube video: "Why Windows Users Can't Switch
To Linux”

Can anyone fault it?
No snide remarks back to me please. Take issues up with the video’s

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