[clug] Scp

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Wed Feb 4 10:32:30 MST 2015

Thanks, Hal:

> The slightly more horrible way is to scp the file to local disk, work with it scp the modified file back.

I did this, with help from the following page.

> Of course your local vim can edit files accross an ssh connection without mounting as a filesystem. cut out the middle man
>   vim scp://you@server/file
> where file is relative to your home directory. This does the scp dance automagically for you in the bacground.

So I was able to use the PC to edit a file on the phone. Though I have 
not yet managed to use the phone to edit a file on the PC.

Also I find the numeric addresses clumsy. For example, the phone says 
that its host-name is "om-gta02". How for example might I ask the PC to 
call it that instead of ""?


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