[clug] Encoding

Adrian adrian.blake at ieee.org
Tue Dec 29 07:22:40 UTC 2015

I have a python file which I wish to execute but it results in an error. The error is explicit but the solution is not obvious as 
to what to do.

Here it is:

adrian at adrian-TravelMate-6293:~/thought.treasure/python$ python tt.py
   File "tt.py", line 144
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xae' in file tt.py on line 144, but no encoding declared; 
seehttp://python.org/dev/peps/pep-0263/ <http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-0263/>for details

and here is the file tt,py:
F_SUPERLATIVE       = '8'
F_ELEMENT           = '9'
F_TRADEMARK         = '<AE>'
F_MODAL             = '<B5>'
F_AMERICAN          = '<C0>'

it is the line marked F-TRADEMARK   and probably those the follow.


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