[clug] OpenStack - PackStack

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sat Dec 5 21:20:27 UTC 2015


Would anyone have the knowledge and the time to check over a Pack
Stack installation that I have (on a laptop) to see why Networking is
working the way I believe it should ?

It would take way to long for me to attempt to fully define the
configuration in an email.

A brief overview of issue is;

I followed the above instructions and when I attempt to ssh into any
instance (e.g. Fedora22, as per instructions), all I get is "No route
to host". I am unable to ping the Instances.

I have built and rebuilt the Pack Stack install several times, with
various configurations, but still no success.

As the Admin account I have created two Cirros instances and these can
ping each other on their private IP addresses, I can ping the
public_gateway address, but I cannot ping their public IP addresses.

I have no DHCP servers within my test environment, it is an isolated
network, but does have internet access via a NAT firewall/gateway.


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