[clug] Rsync Diffs

Brett Worth brett.worth at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 05:57:25 UTC 2015

Hi All.

While we're on the topic of backups, I have a question.

Here's a hypothetical configuration:

SystemA  2 x data disks DiskA and DiskB
SystemB  1 x data disk DiskZ

These two machine start life connected to the same network and I use rsync to make DiskA, 
DiskB and DiskZ identical.

I then send SystemB to a remote place where there is no Internet access.  There is however 
a mail service.

I make changes only to DiskA during the work day and wish to have these changes 
periodically reflected on DiskZ.  Each day I can run a task that sync's DiskA to DiskB.

Is there any way I can capture the changes made to DiskB in such a way that I could put 
that information on a CD/DVD and post it to the location of SystemB so that someone could 
then apply the same changes to DiskZ?

This could be done using find/tar and some sort of timestamp system but I was wondering if 
there could be a more elegant way to do it.  Perhaps by capturing something from rsync?


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