[clug] Mate -> Desktop environments

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Apr 27 12:08:31 MDT 2015

I thank John for participation.

> It's like the old gnome 2 structure.

I had a look at MATE screenshots. But having used Unity 2D for most of a 
year, I had trouble imagining an alternative!


> There is a panel at the top which contains on the LHS three drop down 
> menus.

At a workshop club, I tried out old PCs with Debian installed.

> All these are configurable. 

I've been told to keep my PC stock-standard, to facilitate exchanging 

> Also, M$ Windows would likely fail and present me with the Blue Screen 
> of Death.

I don't have many issues nowadays, because of Linux' legendary stability!

> Mate provides me with a compact, easily navigatable interface.

I found a page comparing desktop environments.



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