[clug] Function keys -> Logitech washable keyboard

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Apr 27 07:08:52 MDT 2015

I thank Scott for consideration.

> There's nothing wrong with creating custom hotkeys per se, but it's best to do so using key combinations that are *not* already used (don't break the defaults?).

I am getting used to the function keys in Midnight Commander.

> That way you can follow standard documentation and help,
However I do not know the function keys' expected uses elsewhere.

> i.e. F1 is traditionally used to access help for a particular application.

   I gathered that.

> I don't know what hotkeys are used in Ubuntu/Unity/GNOME - on my boxes I use Super_L+somekey combinations so that users with a background in MS can leverage existing hotkey knowledge

I shun the Beast of Redmond!

> Some people only change the default shell for compelling reasons

I was learning Linux from scratch. And Fish claimed to be a friendly 
shell. So I have been using that!

> Choose your shell and choose your limitations - fish is fine if you're happy not being able to run cross-platform scripts

I mainly want to understand what I'm doing!

> Which just means that Super_R has not been used. Feel free to use it if you want. Likewise the key commonly next to it on a MS keyboard - Menu, (keycode 135, keysym 0xff67)
Just to the right of the space bar, is "Meta R/Alt R".

To the right of that, my keyboard's "FN" key does not show on Ubuntu's:
     System Settings
             Keyboard Layout
                 English (US).

Rather that imagines "Super R" and "Menu" buttons that my keyboard 
doesn't have! But to the right is "Control R".

> There's a difference between working on your phone and *accessing* your phone from your gui desktop.

I have only accessed its filesystem via:
     * Fish terminal window;
     * Remote Desktop Viewer;
     * Nautilus; and
     * Midnight Commander.

> Then post to this list with an appropriate subject

I try to tell it as I see it!

>   - maybe someone else

> it'd be more useful to others instead of rambling tangential threads

That is how our discussion works! I am a lateral thinker.

> that originally started as "OpenMoko network connection".

We start fixing one problem. Then that reveals another, etc.

> Geek cred is the triumph of style over substance.

I don't curry favour by uttering what I imagine others desire!

>> I'd appreciate instruction on how to get mc onto & working there.
> Compile or download statistically linked build. Do the same for ncurses.

I do not know how to load software onto my phone.

> *Disclaimer*: if you break your phone you get to keep the pieces.

While on my PC I have used Ubuntu Software Centre.


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