[clug] mc.keymap -> Function keys

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sun Apr 26 04:18:00 MDT 2015

Thanks to Scott for discussion.

> "That" (output) makes sense to me.

I have used Ubuntu's "System Settings..." "Keyboard" "Shortcuts" to 
disable all the launchers etc. that I had assigned to F1 to F10.
In Thunderbird mail, now F1 opens a browser window to "Mozilla Support", 
"Thunderbird", "Help Topics".

Interestingly, I had discovered that from the Desktop, "F2 F3" opened an 
x-nautilus-desktop window!

> It's possible mc won't work fully with fish - it's designed to work with bash, tcsh, and zsh

Bas code has needed little tweaking to run under fish.

> As previously suggested - you have some keys pre-assigned.

As above, I have now disabled those global key assignments.

> NOTE: there are two "super keys" SUPER_L (left, keysym 0xffeb, keycode
> 133) and SUPER_R (right, keysym 0xffec, keycode 134).

I have the keyboard assigned to "English (US)". The Windows key shows as 
"Super L". Whereas no key is "Super R". But the left and right Alt keys 
show accordingly as Menu (L & R).

> Note that any key can be set as a meta (*modifier*) key - but assigning them for terminal use is a little tricky as you'd probably have to modify the terminal handling of the keys as well as the app (e.g. mc).

In Midnight Commander now F1 launches "GNOME Terminal Manual"! F2 and F3 
do nothing. F5 to F9 work as MC says they should.
But F10 opens a menu listing:
     * Open Terminal;
     * Open Tab;
     * New Profile; and
     * Close Window.

> You'd be best getting help with Unity/Ubuntu/GNOME from someone who actually use it (not me).

I only have recourse to this discussion list.

> I'd suggest you stick to default settings until your experience is complete enough to safely start tweaking/hacking your setup *especially* if you don't keep detailed notes of changes.

Everything seems to me a tweak/hack; it's a learning experience!

> The reason I suggested mc in the first place was that it's useful for newbies when working in a *non-gui* (text mode) environment.

As with Vi, I have been practising mc for the vibe of mystic juju!

> i.e. a terminal session on your phone

I'd appreciate instruction on how to get mc onto & working there.

> using it on your Ubuntu whatever desktop is kind of redundant as your file manager has the same capabilities.

Isn't this a cargo cult?


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