[clug] syncing with android directly without large corporations

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 00:23:28 MDT 2015

On 19/04/15 12:47, Kim Holburn wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'd like to be able to sync my laptop with an android phone without
> any data going to servers owned by large companies.  It seems quite
> difficult.  All these companies want my private data to go through
> their servers.  Does anyone do this?  Has anyone done this?

I use kde-connect, and, as others have suggested, rsync. Yes, there's an
"app" for the latter:-

Apropos of which, I've never understood the reasons why people use the
"cloud" to transfer data to a device a few feet away. Seems like mailing
yourself a shopping list to take to the grocery store.
So they can access the data from other devices? What's wrong with
hosting your own private online file storage?

> My laptop is currently a Mac but a linux solution would be acceptable
> too.
> My ancient phone died recently and I am looking at getting an android
> phone, although I find that the inability to control what apps can do
> on android is infuriating to the point of being a deal breaker.

1++ to those that suggested CyanogenMod

I'd suggest you look for supported devices before purchasing:-

If you don't want to play games my recommendation is the Motorola Droid
4 with the sliding keyboard. I picked one up from the US for $55AU.
Sadly the selection of mobile phones available in this country doesn't
include ones with a sliding keyboard - and very few have a *good*
antennae (even less have an external antennae connection or easily allow
adding one).

> Kim

Kind regards

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