[clug] Mate

Carlo Hamalainen carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net
Sun Apr 19 22:10:29 MDT 2015

On 20/04/15 11:14, jhock at iinet.net.au wrote:
> There is a panel at the bottom which shows the currently opened apps. It also shows on the LHS four windows. The windows can be accessed by clicking on either of these or by Ctrl Alt left or right arrows. 
> When I was working I would often have different apps loaded into the different windows according to what I was doing. 

You mean workspaces? On Mate I have nine of them with alt-0, .., alt-9
mapped to switch-to-workspace. Haven't been able to give that up since I
used WindowMaker. I use the same key mapping in XMonad too.

Carlo Hamalainen

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