[clug] OT: Clearing out old stuff

Simon Oxwell soxwell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 07:00:16 MDT 2015

Hi all,

Doing a bit of a clean out and looking to sell a bunch of kit which may or
may not be of interest to anyone. Marked off-topic, as it clearly is.
(although the XBox does run Linux ;)

If you're interested in anything, drop me a line. I should be able to make
it to CLUG on Thursday if there's anything you want to take off my hands.

XBox (Original generation) - $40
It's been softmodded (Rocky5's 2014 Softmod v1.1) and is currently run
XBMC4Box 3.5 (released October 2014), so suitable as a HTPC (but only SD
video), but still plays XBox games. I've put on a couple of emulators for
older console, and there's a linux install that can be bootstrapped as
well. (very old, based on Debian Sarge).

* XBox console
* 'S' XBox Gamepad
* Two games: Project Gotham Racing and Mechassult (if you ever need to mod
it again)
* DVD Dongle and Remote
* Homemade USB to XBox adapter cable (also if you ever need to mod it again)

It's all in good condition, and comes in its original packaging. There's
also a third party gamepad in the box (MadCatz), but part of its cable got
sacrificed to make the USB cable.

DVX555U Digital Set Top Box  - $10
Has coax in/out, composite and component video out and a SPDIF digital
audio out. I put a 40GB HDD in it, so also acts a PVR. It has only one
tuner and only decode SD channels (which is still most of them) but can
record both SD and HD channels (you can pull the HDD out and read recorded
steam off in a PC, apparently)

Guitar Hero: World Tour Band Set for Nintendo Wii - $65

 * Guitar Hero: World Tour game disc for Wii
 * Guitar accessory
 * Drum Kit accessory (three pads, tow cymbals and kick pedal)
 * USB Microphone

All in excellent condition and in original packaging.
(NB: Wii controllers are required to operate the guitar and drum kit. These
are not included)

Guitar Hero III set for Nintendo Wii - $25

  * Guitar Hero III game disc for Wii
  * Guitar accessory

In good condition and in original packaging. $25
(NB: A Wii controller is required to operate the guitar. This is not

Assorted PC Games
* Diablo 2 (in original packing, with manual, excellent condition) $10
* Star Control 3 (in original packaging, fair condition) $7
* Half-Life (in original packaging, with manual, excellent condition) $10


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