[clug] project, video editing,editing out ads

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Tue Apr 14 08:35:47 MDT 2015

I also used Project X some 12 years back for a while until finding a 
commercial product called VideoReDo.
VideoReDo has the Ad Detection technology looking for changes in scene, 
fades to/from black and audio levels.

Unfortunately Ad detection just isn't accurate enough to use 
automatically and in the end swaps from cutting the ads to cutting the 
program and leaving the ads. (some ad breaks have Fade from black in middle!
Manually marking the program with a good UI (keyboard shortcuts) I have 
found to be much faster and accurate.
The station bugs are really good human tell-tales between ads and program.

Each station is different and needs its signal to be analysed. Sometimes 
they leave markers in the vertical interval.
At one stage Win had line 7 as a white line during remote program, I 
built a hardware detector for this to record Star Trek in the early 
morning for a while, but eventually it disappeared.  Also sometimes the 
Ads from remote network would appear too using this method as they were 

Cheers Neil VK1NP

On 14/04/2015 9:13 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 14/04/15 18:46, Mike Carden wrote:
>> I apologise in advance for derailing the thread and probably posting
>> something that I may have mentioned here years ago. Nevertheless...
> Interesting and informative detour Mike - and I'm sure it leads to
> Linux, somewhere. ;)
> Though it's a project that's well down the list of "things to do if I
> get time" (and unlikely to ever get done) I would like to investigate
> both the "perceived" loudness of television advertising - and the
> difference between the number of languages/subtitling for the show and
> advertising as method of auto-ad marking. Processes that are likely
> simpler under Linux than any other OS.

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