[clug] OT Library books (about Linux)

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Thu Apr 16 01:14:57 MDT 2015

"How Linux Works" - Brian Ward (No Starch)
"The Unix Programming Environment" - Kernighan & Pike (Prentice Hall)

Are the two I found most useful in learning to administer and use my
systems. The second has been out of date for decades and is still more
useful than most of the latest offerings.

Oh RUTE user by Paul Sheer was pretty good and freely available
online, pdf link on that page.


On 16 April 2015 at 16:42, jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com> wrote:
> On 16/04/2015 4:22 pm, Michael Ellerman wrote:
>> If it's written in a book it's probably already out of date.
>> I would suggest you look for online resources.
> Even so we should come up with a few for people to come across when they
> are in their local library.
> A few of the Pragmatic Programmer's or O'Reilly's books may be suitable.
> There is only so far to go reading generic books. To go further it will
> be necessary to have a purpose in mind. Once the goal is selected the
> path becomes clear(er).
> Jeff.
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