[clug] project, video editing,editing out ads

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 02:29:53 MDT 2015

On 14/04/15 10:19, Norm Bakker wrote:
> Hi Scott
> Sorry if I was a bit too vague.

... or that I'm just too thick :)

> I have used ProjectX for about 10 years now
> without a problem, mainly as a quick way to edit out adds but also to
> resynchronise video and sound. I use it mainly on transport stream output
> from Kaffeine (m2t files). Its default output of the edited files (ie
> without using the demux option) is as an mpg2 file.

Excellent - it's Kaffeine I'm using for the recording. Thanks for that -
10 years is much more reassuring than "since last week". :)

> I don't think it would be a suitable tool for eliminating the station logo.
> Mplayer/mencoder might but it would be a complex process. Regards Norm

mplayer will - I've tried it. But it's fiddly and the results aren't as
good as those obtained with the Russian VirtualDub solution I linked

Kind regards


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