[clug] Learning mc <- mc

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Apr 9 02:00:01 MDT 2015

I thank Scott for useful advice.

> MC -> F9 -> Options -> Panel Options -> Main Options -> Show Hidden Files (unselect)

I found that, and began learning those options.

However I found that snippets of text remain across the displayed 
panels. So I have been using "Show full screen"/"Leave full screen" to 
refresh the screen. Is there a simpler or more direct way to clear up 
such visual trash?

> Reference: MC -> F1 (Help)

I have been using this feature, and have figured out how to navigate it.

>> I used a shell link to my phone. Wherein I had a test text file. Which I moved to my PC's desktop. At first I saw a list of available editors, agreeing to the default "nano". But how can I now change that choice to a different editor?
> In MC?

That was my recollection of initially using "mc". What alternatives does 
the "Configuration options: use internal edit" flag switch?

> An MC "shell link"?

Yes, that's "Left: Shell link...". Which launches the dialogue box 
"Shell link to machine". That asks "Enter machine name (F1 for 
details):". I choose my phone's login (root at phone), and OK. Then "mc" 
launches my default shell: "fish: Waiting for initial line...". I am 
asked for my phone login password, that I supply. The shell window then 
closes, and the "mc" window after a pause lists the phone's filesystem 
root directories in its left panel. I double-click on "/home", then 
"/root", and I'm at the phone user directories list.

> Mini tutorial I studied at Google University:-
> http://www.trembath.co.za/mctutorial.htmla

Now I have bookmarked it, thanks.


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