[clug] Seeking FOSS Hypervisor and Management GUI

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Sep 30 20:03:05 MDT 2014

I did try OpenStack, but never quite got the hang of installing it.
Tried oVirt (very nice) but it did not seem stable enough, way too
much development work and changes  happening.

Virt-Manager as it is in Debian and CentOS7 is the older version that
does not support snapshots. This is where I ran into difficulties. 
Maybe as Bob suggested, learning the command line is a solution? This
evening I may get chance to try the command line.

A feature called external snapshotting allows one to take a live
snapshot of a virtual machine without turning it off. Currently it
only works with qcow2 and raw file based images. 


If decided to adopt KVM, you must fist of all be sure to use a disk
format for your virtual machines which supports snapshots. By default
libvirt tools create RAW virtual disks, and since we need snapshots
you’ll either have to use QCOW2 or LVM.

VM snapshots can be managed using the following commands.

$ virsh snapshot-list “VM-Name”

$ virsh snapshot-create ""

$ virsh snapshot-revert  

$ virsh snapshot-delete “VM-Name” 1234567890


At Wednesday, 01-10-2014 on 09:44 Michael Still wrote:

Does this GUI need to be able to manage more than just the local

OpenStack does all that stuff, but is probably overkill. On the other
virt-manager has a GUI, is Open Source, and libvirt can manage Xen. So
might meet your needs?



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