[clug] Windows 8 parody video

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Sep 25 23:35:18 MDT 2014

{OK, back to real user interfaces, or parodies thereof. I've lived with 
Windows since the dark days of Windows 3.1. Like other users, I have my 
pet peeves. I was happy with Windows 95. I was disgruntled when I had to 
move to Windows 98. I was sort of OK with Windows 2000. I was more than 
OK with Windows XP. I never took the plunge with Windows Vista. I was 
very happy with Windows 7. And then they introduced Windows 8, which 
leads us to this video <http://youtu.be/QZ1oPDtdhFo>.
There's a line where the presenter says something like, "Windows 8 is 
designed to be natively unusable with mouse, trackball, trackpad …" All 
I can say is that I'm laughing through my tears.}



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