[clug] Linux Certification?

Steve Barnes steve at echo.id.au
Wed Sep 3 05:03:45 MDT 2014

You can pay $715 and sit just the RHCE exam. The Michael Jang book 
covers pretty much everything, but imo, you will not pass the exam w/o a 
decent amount of hands-on experience.



Interesting anecdote - I sat the RHCT before it became RHCSA. RedHat 
were kind enough to award me the RHCSA in light of how close the change 
came to my sitting the exam. Fast forward 6 months and I sit (and pass) 
the RHCE, expecting to feel all warm and fuzzy about my shiny 4 new 
letters. However, RedHat don't actually consider the "grandfathered" 
RHCSA as a qualifier to the RHCE. So despite them sending me a 
congratulations email (and a rather fetching polo shirt), I would have 
to shell out a further...$715 to formally pass the exam for a 
certification they already gave me.

Let's just say I gave them 4+ choice letters of my own making in return.


> ok so where do get the resources or training material thats required
> to do the exam, I did a quick google an looks like the Red Hat site
> mostly refers to in-house courses eg 4 days approx $4,000
> Paul
> On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Michael Carden <crash at michaelcarden.net> wrote:
>> The two Linux certifications that I'm familiar with are the Linux
>> Professional Institute (LPI) ones and the various Red Hat varieties.
>> These two camps differ significantly in their approaches both to skills
>> evaluation and to educational methodology. There was a really interesting
>> LCA presentation on the LPI philosophy back in 2005 which discussed their
>> background and their methods. The most obvious difference between LPI and RH
>> is that the LPI testing is done with paper and pen[0] and no access to a
>> computer, while the Red Hat tests tend to be a bit more practical involving
>> a live system that you have to work on.
>> I can't comment on how useful certs are in getting a job, but I have my LPI
>> cert listed on my resume and I currently have an all-day-every-day Linux
>> job.
>> --
>> MC
>> [0] Well they were approx 10 years ago when I did mine.

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