[clug] Reasonableness

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Oct 30 11:30:46 MDT 2014

Thank you, Steve:

>> Unfortunately I am not up to such turgid text.
> Why tell me or the list?

"Shoot the messenger" is a response to bad news.

> You need to be telling the people that wrote those 3 pieces just what’s wrong, or better yet, do something yourself.

The wild goose chase.

> You’ve made a point of telling us 1) you have a lot of time on your hands, 2) you stay up all night doing things and 3) you’ve got a bunch of unfinished projects you’ve been forced to abandon.

I am indeed a retired person.

> The “FOSS way” is if you find something broken, you fix it, for the benefit of others behind you.

{These are called *‘You statements’* and are the typical way we 
communicate. We tell the person what he did or didn’t do, whether it was 
right or wrong or what he should or shouldn’t be doing. Such statements, 
more often than not sound like accusations and blame. It conveys 
judgment. No one likes being judged and hence it closes down 
communication lines. It puts the person on the defense, making him 
unable and unwilling to be open to what you have to say and truly listen.}


> You have the fine prose skills, the time, the motivation and the reward of contributing.

Thank you: I try to communicate clearly.

> If you’re not trolling, then your only valid response is to FIX what you find “turgid text”, not be snarky.
> If you’re acting in Good Faith, then your next post of this topic will be “I spent xxx hours fixing that crappy prose, would you give me some feedback”.

Yes, I am also familiar with this tactic: "If you don't do exactly as I 
tell you, then you're a bad person!".


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