[clug] Why do we do what we do in Linux? [was Re: Text editor]

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Oct 30 04:48:50 MDT 2014

Briefly again, Scott:

> Subject to usual
> restrictions that apply when someone "demands" someone "do something"
> (bully for them).

Well, of course there's no consideration, and thereby lacks a contract!

> For those that don't find an responsive audience there is always the
> option of "forking off" - which is one reason there are many hundreds of
> Linux distributions.

I'd like a consumer guide to those.

> Like the, um, ultra-conservative Christians who
> demand the term "daemon" no be used.

I had a Protestant fundie boss who objected to a Stephen King fancier's 
naming servers like Thor and Satan. As a result, the back-end guy quit!

> Or those that just like ponys (too
> much?):-
> http://www.ponyos.org/

Yeah, the politically-correct syrup. Like those above mentioned servers 
got renamed "Bilby" and the like!

> You'd have to give me an instance when dire warnings from users have
> been ignored by developers. Especially that those instances are
> "ubiquitous".

More generally, Australia is one of the countries most direly in the 
sights of global warming. Yet we have a federal government rated 
worst-performing on the environment!

> I've never been able to differentiate between psychic ability and
> clinical psychosis - or outright fraud.

When I was studying yoga-teaching, I got to be very in touch. So when a 
student turned up early AM belching--I sent him off to the canteen to 
eat breakfast! My colleagues thought I was psychic.

> I'm familiar with Greek mythology, but not offended by your assumption
> that I'm classically ignorant.

Contributors to this e-mail list have complained that my statements 
lacked sufficient explanation!

Best wishes,


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