[clug] Text editor

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Oct 27 09:00:09 MDT 2014

G'day Hal:

> Basic vi is worth learning despite the myriad of other (possibly
> better) options because it's basically always available. Eg if you get
> a shell on your adsl/router, many (most?) of which run linux, they
> have busybox providing the shell and core utils including vi. Old
> unix, vi is there.

So I have been practising writing text with vi on my mobile phone! But I 
feel elderly and incompetent, making many mistakes. Usually when typing 
in a terminal window, I forget what mode I'm in. :-(
So when I think I'm entering a command--actually because I forgot 
something, I'm entering that as text into the document. Or I mix up 
appending (`a') and inserting (`i'). So I get to feel irritated--when 
I'm supposed to be concentrating on my document.


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