[clug] Why do we do what we do in Linux? [was Re: Text editor]

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On 2014-10-26 15:34, Paul Wayper wrote: 

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> On 26/10/14 11:26, steve jenkin wrote:
>> So what do the best-of-the-best get from a "command line
editor", that they don't get elsewhere? If anyone knows, I'm interested
to hear. [In practice, modern variants of 'emacs' aren't just
command-line, but whole environments that use windowing tools & concepts

I have Libre Office for letter and brochure work. I use
Scribus to do designs for business cards, CD artwork, etc. I use
Bluefish to code my web site and I just use the inbuilt Mint text editor
to edit plain text.

I seem to have a different worflow / thinking
depending on the job at hand.

Paul Rands
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