[clug] .bash_aliases and .bashrc

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 04:22:52 MDT 2014

People have posted their favourites before...
Here's a couple I use that I haven't seen elsewhere. Peer review
wouldn't hurt me.

I'd also be interested in what other people find useful.

Replace "su -c" with "sudo" if you use it.


alias Check="su -c 'apt-get update;apt-get -s upgrade | more'"
alias Dmsg="dmesg | grep -i 'warn\|fail\|error\|alert'"
alias Vms="ssh scott at vbserver 'vboxmanage list runningvms'"
alias halt="su -c halt" # for systems without a windowmanager
alias whois="whois -H"
alias wgets='H="--header"; wget $H="Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5"
$H="Accept: text/html,application/xh
tml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8" $H="Connection: keep-alive" -U
"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:
10.0.2) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0.2" --referer=http://google.com/ '
alias upgradeflash="su -c 'update-flashplugin-nonfree --install'"
alias upgradecalibre="su -c newcalibre"
alias dmsg='su -c "cat /var/log/messages | grep -v PROT | tail -n 32"'
alias Temp='hddtemp /dev/sda'
alias resolv='su -c "cp /home/scott/Scripts/resolv.conf /etc"'


function pause(){
echo "Press the Any key to continue..."
   read -p "$*"

# uses ~/.ssh/config
function sscreen(){
ssh -t "$1" screen -dR

function Size(){
echo -n "$1 = "
du -ch "$1" | tail -n1 | cut -f1

Kind regards

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