[clug] Debian Jessie (Testing, ) "no installable kernel was found in the defined APT sources"

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Fri Oct 17 04:53:05 MDT 2014


I recently tried to install Debian Jess using VMware Workstation 10,
and the installation fails with the error "no installable kernel was
found in the defined APT sources". Has anyone else seen this issue ?

I finally succeeded using the following suggestion from a web site.

The solution I found was to let the installation continue (say Yes to
the message asking if you want to continue without installing a

 Then, when the final prompt "Installation complete" appears (i.e.
the one that appears just before it goes down for reboot), do the
1.Press Alt+F3 to switch to a virtual console, then press Enter to
activate it.
2.Type "apt-install linux-image-amd64"
3.Wait for the prompt to re-appear (you can monitor progress by
pressing Alt+F4, but you must Alt+F3 to see whether it's actually
4.When the installation of the kernel is complete, press Alt+F1 to
return to the installer, and press Enter with the Continue button
highlighted to reboot the system

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