[clug] NFSv4 "Invalid argument"

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 21:05:26 MDT 2014

Hasty reply.

You haven't answered the question of why the shares need to be owned by
root. I'm still uncertain this is not an x/y problem.

You haven't posted /etc/exports. Please post the output of "showmount
-e" (anonymise if you feel it's necessary)

You are using references that are:-
;seriously outdated - best ignore advice that doesn't apply to v4[*1]
;RedHat based - which is not the Debian way[*2]

I don't understand the domain name references - that's not the problem
you referred to in the OP. "rpc.nfsd -H hostname"??

Please just click on the "Reply" button in your MUA instead of creating
a new post - I'm busy and a "bit thick" so the more work I've got to do
to try and follow the conversation *and* make sense of it - the less
likely any reply will help you.

I'd suggest filtering out results earlier than 2003 (RFC 3530)

The section on User ID Mapping may be informative


On 14/10/14 13:55, George at Clug wrote:
>     _Maybe after a few more weeks of working on NFS I will understand
> it better._

... or forming the same opinion of NFS v4 as Theo de Raadt :D

> _Below I attempt to answer to some of the questions that people asked
> me; _
> _I am using OpenFiler v2.99 as the NFS server, so I am limited as to
> personally modifying the NFS server side._
> http://www.vmwarebits.com/content/install-and-configure-openfiler-esxi-shared-storage-nfs-and-iscsi

A possible resource might be https://forums.openfiler.com/ if you
haven't tried already. It's a NAS I've avoided, and I haven't touched
VMWare for a looong time.

> =========================================================================
> http://debian-handbook.info/browse/stable/sect.nfs-file-server.html
> Example 11.23. The /etc/default/nfs-common file
> # Do you want to start the idmapd daemon? It is only needed for NFSv4.

An excellent project and book.

Kind regards

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