[clug] Framebuffer drivers, Linux & e-ink.

Stephen Hocking stephen.hocking at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 00:16:22 MST 2014

Hi all.

I recently acquired one of the Repaper devkits from Adafruit, which I have
hooked into one of my raspberry pi boxes. They provided a fuse driver,
which offers quite a simple filesystem based access method, which control
files and image files that represent the contents of the display. I've been
groping around the Linux sources, and noted that there was a framebuffer
driver for an E-ink controller, which in turn talked to drivers that did
some bit-banging out over the GPIO ports. Before I go off & dissect the
fuse driver from Repaper.org, has anyone local had experience with this
stuff? The other alternative is to do an X server driver that talks to the
filesystem stuff, but that strikes me as a little more complex.


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