[clug] Video issues

Paul Rands lists at paulrands.com
Mon Nov 10 16:43:22 MST 2014


Hi Guys, 

Yesterday I ran into some video issues in Mint 17 Mate.

If I use the standard OS bundled driver my splash screen after post is
off centre, and the login window is low res. Upon login, everything is
where it needs to be. 

If I use the nVidia driver, the splash screen
and login screens are fine, but when I finally login, my dock / taskbar
along the bottom will only appear on the screen using the analog
connection to the video card, and I cannot find where I can force it
onto the other screen, that uses the DVI connection. Also left window
will sometimes not allow icons below bottom half of screen on the DVI

Any thoughts? I am happy to continue this thread off list if
a running conversation isn't appropriate for the list. 

Thanks in

Paul Rands
lists at paulrands.com

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