[clug] Raspberry Pi WLAN issues

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue May 27 18:33:59 MDT 2014

On 28/05/14 06:18, Mike Carden wrote:
> Jessica,
> I'll echo Brian's comments from my Pi experience.
> 1. The Pi supply needs to be a decent 2A, no less.
> 2. The Pi USB implementation isn't very good.
> 3. Different WiFi dongles behave differently. I have a very flaky one and a
> less flaky one.
> I recently bought a Banana Pi in the hope of better performance than the
> Raspberry. The hardware is tops but the software stack is lagging a bit.
> King of my heap of tiny computers right now is the quad core Odroid. No
> flakiness there.

The odroid looks really good and has price/performance on it's side.

If you are interested in I/O, the pcDuino is a good contender.
Faster and more RAM etc. than a RPi, but also includes Arduino-
compatible headers, so Arduino shields can plug in - alas, the
pcDuino is all 3.3v, whereas the Arduino is 5v, but the bare
shields, and many others, still work fine. Also, very stable.

Bob Edwards.

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