[clug] Raspberry Pi WLAN issues

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Tue May 27 17:49:48 MDT 2014

(1) Rpi version  - use a powered hub for the original 256Mb model, 512Mb 
models seem ok.
(2) USB adapter - some are more reliable than others.

What's with the negative Rpi comments ...

They are great low budget interface boards. I have 4:

(1) 256Mb model B: Security camera (rpi cam and motion software) + 
access point (emails me the IP address changes), USB wifi connection, 
running raspbian. I must admit the Wifi occasionally hangs.

(2) 512Mb model B: Openelec XBMC front end for mythTV backend. Ethernet 
connected. Minimal delays, works great, including HEC (TV remote control 
of xbmc) that required no configuration. It turned out that wife/kids 
prefer the old keyboard interface(!).

(3) 512Mb model B: Sainsmart 3.2 LCD touch screen + guntzyPi+ arduino 
(2-wire I2C control, teesny). Still playing with. Notro modified raspbian.

(4) 512 Mb model B: raspbian. Used to play with 1-wire DS18B20 
temperature (soon humidity) sensors. I also have 1 2.4" TFT screen, but 
have not managed to drive it yet.

All good fun.


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