[clug] Anyone heard of a "Windows XP End-of-Support" Day?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Mar 22 19:44:14 MDT 2014

With Microsoft withdrawing support (no more patches or security updates) for Windows XP, is the Linux/Open Source community responding?

The stats I've read say ~30% of Windows users are still on XP, with ~45% on Win-7. Win-8 is still below 10%.

I went through the pain of making a disk image of XP system and then running it up under Virtual Box.
Not simple or obvious to me with a limited Winders background, nor quick. [And now my Psion is broken, no real need.]

I’m not sure a single “XP Day” would be that successful, and how would you measure ‘success’, anyway?

But with the PCUG, and maybe MHV involved, on-going demos/workshops might work in Canberra.
It depends on the people still using XP: are they a roughly homogeneous group or not?

Are they mostly older people who’ve had “the computer” for 5-10 years and don’t want to spend money on it or waste “brain bandwidth” on learning a new system. [That’s a powerful argument: change involves a lot of work & learning, if there’s no compelling reason, then change for change’s sake is a waste of valuable time/resources.]

We know from a number of older CLUG members, that Linux is a viable option if they’re motivated, have broadband and get the occasional help from the community.

Anyone got comments - especially is there’s already something happening?
Or information on the demographics of all those rusted-on Win-XP users and their systems.


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