[clug] I need to borrow a monitor with HDMI input to help solve a configuration issue

Paul Leopardi paul.leopardi at anu.edu.au
Sat Mar 15 02:44:51 MDT 2014

Hi all,
I attended BarCamp Canberra at Gungahlin Library today, and could not succeed in 
connecting my laptop (ASUS eee PC 1215B running Kubuntu 13.04) via HDMI to the 
supplied TV set. I'm thinking that there is a specific issue with the modelines. 
Xorg.0.log claims to see 
EDID vendor "SAM", prod id 2315
but xrandr and the Samsung TV both claimed that the HDMI cable is disconnected.

Since it is unlikely that I can just lob up to Gungahlin Library and keep testing until I 
find out what went wrong, and I don't own a monitor with a HDMI input, does 
anyone know where I can borrow one? If it helps, I work at ANU.
All the best, Paul
Paul Leopardi

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