[clug] Grant Ingersoll: This ain't your father's search engine: Thu 3rd

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Mon Jun 23 18:35:28 MDT 2014

FYI... (forwarding invitation on behalf of the CSIRO/ANU Information
Retrieval group)

The open-source Lucene and Solr libraries are very widely used for
search, applications large and small.  I hope you can join us for a
seminar by Grant  Ingersoll, a long-standing library developer, in
which he'll discuss and demonstrate some new tricks:

   This ain't your father's search engine
   Manning Clarke Centre theatre 4 (MCC4), 6-7pm, Thursday 3 July

   In just a few short years, search has quickly evolved from being a
   small text box in the nether regions of a website to being front and
   center in our lives. Increasingly, however, search engine technology
   is also being used for practical, real time recommendations, events
   processing, complex spatial functionality and time series analysis
   capable of not only matching user's queries in text, but also driving
   real time decision making and analytics.

   In fact, open source Apache Lucene/Solr can do all of this and more
   by taking advantage of new data structures and algorithms that
   complement more traditional IR approaches.  In this demo-driven talk,
   Lucene committer Grant Ingersoll will take a look at some of the new
   and exciting ways users are leveraging Lucene/Solr and related
   technology to drive deeper insight into information needs that go
   beyond keywords in a text box.

   Grant Ingersoll is the CTO and co-founder of LucidWorks as well as
   an active member of the Lucene community -- a Lucene and Solr
   committer, co-founder of the Apache Mahout machine learning project
   and a long standing member of the Apache Software Foundation.

   Grant's prior experience includes work at the Center for Natural
   Language Processing at Syracuse University in natural language
   processing and information retrieval.  Grant earned his B.S. from
   Amherst College in Math and Computer Science and his M.S. in
   Computer Science from Syracuse University. Grant is also the
   co-author of "Taming Text" from Manning Publications.

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