[clug] Chromecast on a Billion router

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sun Jun 15 19:39:35 MDT 2014

Hi Mark,

> I recently acquired a Google Chromecast (thanks to Chris Smart) and 
> I'm having issues with it on my home wireless network. Again thanks 
> to Chris, I have swapped out the Chromecast for a new one, but that 
> didn't fix it.


> Ideally I would love to hear from someone who has divined the 
> necessary incantation to get my router working happily with a 
> Chromecast, but failing that, recommendations for a solid ADSL modem 
> / router / wifi AP / VOIP box that would usefully replace the 
> Billion.

Wow, this brings me back.

I had a 7401-VGP a while ago, and found that its multicast support was
pretty lacking. I'd find that it would forget about multicast group
subscriptions after some amount of time. Here's a little test:


Back in 2008, I filed a support ticket for the issue (including this
testcase), but billion denied it was a problem. They couldn't suggest
any settings that might address the issue either - we got the same
behaviour with IGMP snooping both disabled and enabled.

If your problem is due to the dropped multicast subscriptions, you may
have to replace the billion device. I'd suggest going with something
OpenWRT based; but that probably means a separate modem, router/AP and
VoIP endpoint.



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