[clug] AWM Last Post Ceremony streaming

Keith Goggin keith.goggin at bigpond.com
Thu Jul 31 21:27:07 MDT 2014

Hi List,

I am unable to view the stream at <http://live.awm.gov.au/> using 
Firefox v31.0 and Chromium v 34.0.1847.116both on Linux Mint 17.

The AWM web site says it is "broadcast live daily via webcam" and Mint17 
package manager says webcam "provides an utility that captures images 
from a video4linux device such as bttv, annotates them and uploads them 
to a webserver in an endless loop using FTP or SSH."

I emailed lastpostceremony at awm.gov.au and asked what format/codec the 
stream used but received an automated response directing me to their web 

Can someone please tell me how to find out what codec I need to view 
this stream?


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