[clug] Internet of Things, Machine-Cloud-Machine and the Carduino.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Jul 28 20:58:56 MDT 2014

At ANU today, I heard the MIT Prof involved with creating the RFID standard (EPC then).
He was talking about his current work: Machine-Cloud-Machine


They tried an in-car prototype that used bluetooth paired with smartphones, but realised a better model was connecting the car to a virtual representation of it (like an Avatar for a person), then authorised users can connect over the Net to data object/stream. It’s a way to store full history, Apps that do various analyses and an interface to connect to various vendors, like Insurance, Tolls, Parking, …

The Carduino plugs into the standard diagnostic sensor and adds GPS, accelerometer and a mobile phone data uplink.

An MIT spinoff, ‘CarKnow’, are developing the plug-in device, for which some CLUG & MHV people may be excellent beta testers .

The MIT site for the larger project (not a lot of info):
<http://cloudthink.mit.edu>, which also links to another site, tells you much more.

A random page describing the ‘CarKnow’ project:

Hope that’s of interest.


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