[clug] Story: Fijian Resort complex loses a single disk: business process stops for 1-2 days

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Mon Jul 28 19:48:01 MDT 2014


I am user of Apple's OS X and Ubuntu 14.04. 

I like both
experiences, and there are still workflow issues I can't resolve with
addons with Ubuntu sadly. 

I have used Android and iOS and definitely
prefer the latter and its integration with OS X. Much less clunkier
experience. What I do find annoying that Android phone producers don't
provide a Linux based phone manager and the Sony one for example doesn't
work with Wine. 

I am trying to work with Wine under OSX at the moment
and the experience is not as good as using it under Ubuntu. Been having
issues with connecting to the internet with the one Windows app I want
to retain. 

The thing I have learnt, is that I can unlock myself from
Apple more easily than from Microsoft, simply because I can find
software to replicate what I use in OSX, and Wine fills the hole for 4
other Windows versions of Mac apps. 

At the moment, I'm leaning towards
going back to OS X as my main OS, simply because I've had enough of
video bugs with my Intel display chipset and the better workflow for
maintaining my web site within finder, using file colours etc. It's a
simple thing, but I can't replicate it under Ubuntu, and Marlin has too
many bugs to be reliable, which has the feature. 

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On 2014-07-29 08:24, steve jenkin wrote: 

On 28 Jul 2014, at 4:51 pm, Hal Ashburner <hal at ashburner.info> wrote:

>> "Apple Beat me up less often than previous pimp and it's my fault
when my entire music collection is erased so Apple fantastic. Hurrah!"

> IMHO, Apple is far worse than Microsoft on forcing & maintaining
> While they seem on the surface to be a "kinder, gentler"
version, they are fiercely Proprietary.
> They do Hardware and bury the
Software in there. It's not "Embrace, Extend, Exterminate", but it's
> Will they ever make a version of OS/X available to be
legally run within a Virtual Machine?
> For a long time I've felt this
is "third line forcing" (or a variant of "exclusive dealing"), illegal
here under the TPA/ACL. I've never been able to get traction on that one
:( [They don't do the classic "you can only buy X's beer at this pub",
but it is a false, commercially enforced restriction.]
> I love Hal's
story about losing the smartphone and the guy/person regaining his life,
or at least benefiting greatly.
> Thanks for that.
> --

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