[clug] Story: Fijian Resort complex loses a single disk: business process stops for 1-2 days

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Sun Jul 27 21:55:02 MDT 2014

On 28 July 2014 13:29, steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:
> +1, FWIW.
> I use a Mac Mini as my ‘browsing/emailing’ desktop, hence use Time Machine for those files.
> There’s far, far too much ‘magic’ bound up in these Apple Black-Box Solutions.
> I’ve snookered myself more than once with it :(

Kids, just say no. Apple: not even once. Learn from our mistakes or
what was the point of us making them? We did it all for you! ;-)

So does anyone actually follow something very like it? 2 disks in
enclosures, rotate to the office etc?

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