[clug] Small format Intel boxes. Any war stories or recommendations?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Jul 26 01:34:58 MDT 2014

Anyone give me advice on alternatives in the itsy bitsy PC box market?

My cousin bought a Gigabyte BRIX for his sister, sent me this 8min Youtube video:

here’s a random website with a few models. Never bought from them, No idea of what they’re like.

They are ‘barebones’, so need DRAM and disk, adds to price.

The price range on that site, plus $45 shipping, is $180 to $1100, but quite a range in capability as well.

Higher cost models have ‘mini displayport’, which some writers call “Thunderbolt”.
Same connector and compatible adaptor & cables, but different things.
I don’t believe you can connect peripherals like Disks to “Displayport”.
While Gigabyte do seem to sell Thunderbolt motherboards, I couldn’t unpick what the BRIX provided.

I’m not a fan of yet another power brick, but that’s how they do it :(

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