[clug] Free laser printer to a good home

Ian Matters ian at matters.id.au
Sun Jan 26 18:06:11 MST 2014

Good afternoon all.

I have a now disused Kyocera FS-1010N B&W laser printer with one or two toner kits looking for a new home gratis. The printer has functioned well over a few years, is in a clean condition and has a network connection in addition to USB. The only catch is that at the moment the printer is not working but I'm pretty sure that anyone with the right knowledge or perseverance can get it to work. I no longer have the patience.

When I took the printer out of service and replaced it with a new HP model it kept saying that the toner waste bin was full and I was never able to resolve the issue. There may have been some problem with the paper loading of the first page of a print run - I can't remember the details. I tried it out a few minutes ago and had little luck - there seemed to be a paper feed problem of some sort.

Any takers?

Ian Matters
Dunlop  ACT  2615
Email: ian at matters.id.au
Web: matters.id.au
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