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I'm in the process of asking the (volunteer) IT guys for a community group. They *may* be fine, but *may* be delighted.


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Hey all,

I thought the CLUG mailing list might be a good place to ask this question.

I've got a 2U rack mount server chassis that I just pulled out of my server rack at home that is now just taking up space.  It's a Norco
It's only about 2 years old now and in perfect working order. Only getting rid of it because it's loud, which was fine when my rack wasn't next to my living room.

I could sell it, but as I wouldn't get much for it I though of donating it to.... somewhere... which is where you fine people come in.  Anyone know of a group of nerds that would be able to find a use for it?  It doesn't have a motherboard in it at the moment, but if it helps I may be able to scrounge one up and maybe a HDD to make it a full system.

I'd prefer to give it to some uni/community group type of thing that would find it useful, but if I can't find one I'm happy to donate it "as is" to anyone willing to come and pick it up.


Jamie Carl
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