[clug] Not completely Linux related but bear with me...

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 17:13:18 MST 2014

Short: I want Alt-drag window resize in OSX. Cant find it, anyone?

Longer: I'm pretty much forced into having an iMac at work along with
my primary Ubuntu/Debian Desktop.

I use 3 27" monitors, 2 for Linux, 1 for OSX + MBP laptop driving it
beside. I use Synergy over an SSH tunnel, synergys on Linux, synergyc
via SSH, and have an RDP connection via reminna to a windows machine
for other required things.

What this means of course is that you expect all three windowing
systems to behave the same, or at least as similar as possible.

Two of the killer features of X-Windows/KDE/Gnome/lightdm/etc are
Focus Follows Mouse and Alt + left/right mouse button drag to resize
and move windows.

I have solved both of these for windows, FFM is a bit different and
there is a nice bit of code on codeproject for alt-drag resize that
works well.

OSX is proving difficult, I'll accept that I probably don't want FFM
there given the globalmenubar that I suspect is harder to remove than
in Unity (which I have successfully achieved).

But I can't find a single tool to do True X-windows style window move
and resize... Surely someone has done this already? Things like
BetterTouchTool are close but not quite, the action is initiated by a
modifier + click. Annoyingly close but not the same. :(




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