[clug] Running my own dynamic DNS?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 15:19:08 MST 2014

On 25/02/14 22:39, Paul Wayper wrote:
> Hi all,
> I used to have tangram.dnsalias.net pointing to my home internet connection;
> but then dyn.com (who owns dnsalias.net) stopped offering it as a free
> service.  This made me think that I should actually get a better setup for
> accessing my home internet connection through a dynamic IP address.

I'm not certain I understand your x-y, "accessing my home internet
connection". I presume you mean either/and:-
;1. serve public content via a CNAME at your main domain OR (map it to a
nfs mount)/(use a redirect with php magic and an ifup script)
;2. remotely access your home network i.e. autossh reverse tunnel from a
home computer to your public webserver, then connect to that tunnel from

> Does anyone know if it's possible, and sane, to run some kind of dynamic DNS
> system?  Are there standard packages out there that take a regular login
> from ones home router and update a DNS A record based on the router's public
> address?  Or is it just considered too insecure?

That depends on your DNS hosting. A record or CNAME? Depends on your DNS
hosting (especially ttl). Some require curl magic, others have a simple
API, with a VPS based DNS either directly change BIND or use an API
(e.g. Virtualmin/Webmin)

> I know the standard solution for this would be to ... actually get a static
> IP address.  I will ponder the extra cost.

$9 pa or more.  Again, I don't fully understand your use case - but I
"guess" you'd be better off with a free dynamic dns account. I use
several with one company (easy to find in a search engine) - I haven't
the experience with others to give a fair comparison.
How often are you changing the home IP address? Once a year? (If it's
Littlepuddle get a heartbeat installed).

> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

Kind regards

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