[clug] Running my own dynamic DNS?

Andrew Steele fozzy at zipworld.org
Tue Feb 25 05:10:29 MST 2014

I can't see how you could run your own dynamic dns as you have a bit of a catch-22. Where is your SOA going to reside?  I would imagine you'd need to have that hosted somewhere with a fixed IP address (not at home), and then that would be where you're dynamic dns update server (for want of a better name) would reside.

The other question is what domain do you want to use? Your own that you purchase?  If that's the case maybe by finding the right provider they can host your SOA (and NS) records and provide a mechanism to automate the updates of the IN and A records. 


On 25/02/2014, at 10:39 PM, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

> Signed PGP part
> Hi all,
> I used to have tangram.dnsalias.net pointing to my home internet connection;
> but then dyn.com (who owns dnsalias.net) stopped offering it as a free
> service.  This made me think that I should actually get a better setup for
> accessing my home internet connection through a dynamic IP address.
> Does anyone know if it's possible, and sane, to run some kind of dynamic DNS
> system?  Are there standard packages out there that take a regular login
> from ones home router and update a DNS A record based on the router's public
> address?  Or is it just considered too insecure?
> I know the standard solution for this would be to ... actually get a static
> IP address.  I will ponder the extra cost.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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