[clug] Is there open source alternative to Office365 with Sharepoint?

Francis Markham fmarkham at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 02:21:01 MST 2014

If you are willing to forgo the email component, you might ownCloud (
http://owncloud.org/features/ ) suitable. It apparently can integrate
with roundCube to share contacts between the email and other



On 22 February 2014 18:50, Stephen Hodgman <steve at hodgman.id.au> wrote:
> G'day cluggers,
> I have spent 20+ years pushing and using Open source applications myself
> and for my clients to use in their daily work.
> So, please don't flame me for raising the topic of proprietary systems here.
> My intention is to be able to offer a viable alternative to my customer
> that uses open systems so they are not locked into one provider.
> Currently I have not found one so I hoped that this list would provide
> some useful information.
> I am currently stumped with how to propose an alternative to the
> Office365 SMB offering being marketed here by Telstra.  I wanted to know
> if anyone had an alternative offering for me to try. I will not bore you
> here with the features of the product offered.
> The key requirements are:
> 1. Group Email with integrated shared Calendars and Contact Sharing.
> 2. Desktop and browser based Email options.
> 3. Shared document storage in a cloud environment with local copies
> ("Cloud Drive" like Dropbox) to avoid downloads when editing.  This
> drive needs to synchronise with cloud storage providing version control.
> 4. Cloud storage on a hosted server with backup etc.
> 5. Limited onsite infrastructure.  They will have MS Windows PCs(
> necessary for specific applications)  with a Linux Domain Controller
> with some shared storage that is local only. Most shared data to be
> available "on the cloud"
> They are currently looking to pay ~$16 per user per month for this service!
> It seems to me that this is a market that Open Source should be able to
> service.  I have not found anything.
> e.g.How does one simply share  Calendars and Contacts with Thunderbird
> while providing good integration with web & mobile apps? My experience
> with using Google Calendars has been problematic over the years.
> So, if anyone has any reasonable suggestions for an alternative provider
> or setup I would be grateful.
> I cannot be the only one with this requirement. Currently I am a little
> frustrated.
> Thanks for your tolerance.
> Stephen Hodgman
> 0407 182 355
> 02 6236 6380
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