[clug] February 2014 programming SIG round-up

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Feb 14 22:56:05 MST 2014

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Hi all,

Lesson 1 - I need to go last, rather than first, when having "what are we
doing" discussions :-)

We talked about TAP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test_Anything_Protocol)
and the philosophy of how to test things: unit tests (where you just see
that sum([2,2]) = 4), integration tests (where you pick a whole bunch of
numbers in various ranges and check their sums) and user tests (tell me two
numbers: is their sum 4?)  And what does it mean for a test to fail?

I got distracted by talking about Upverter (https://upverter.com) - I'm
amazed that I can do electronic schematic and pcb editing in the browser,
and multiple people can actually be editing the same design simultaneously!
 It may not be as good as a local editor, but it's really helped me get more
fluent with circuit design and I'll know more about how to use gEDA and
Gschem and Kicad now.  Still, collaborative editing and forking designs is
totally rad.

This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy and can't recall all the many
other things we talked about.  I need to take better notes next time :-)
Simon, Bob, Luke, other guy whose name I forget - can you fill in what I've
missed here?

Have fun,

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