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Ditto for me and I greatly appreciate the help. 

Regarding vine, I have never been able to get other peripherals working. Eg. Connecting a NavMan as drive F: or something like that. I can never find other drives. 

Sometimes I publish things that are a bit off topic but the CLUG members seem tolerant of me and many thanks to those who reply offline. 


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---- Keith wrote ----

>On Wednesday 20 August 2014 George asked :
>> Are you interested in Linux for home use, 
>     This fits me.  I am a user not a specialist so tend to lurk rather than 
>participate in the list, but on a few occasions when I have had a problem I 
>have been most appreciative of the help I have received following a posted  
>and Paul Rands made a passing comment :
> > ......  running the Windows version of the app via Wine. 
>     FWIW I have found the DOS Emulator to be good for enabling me to still 
>use a very old but well featured genealogy package.  I imagine it could go on 
>to Windows software.
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